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Paradise isn't for everyone.

N O W   I N   P A P E R B A C K ! 

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Seventy-year-old Matthew Werner, who suffers from a debilitating case of Not Normal, doesn't know that nearly everyone on earth has died. He only knows that something terrible is happening – something he's not willing to discover. So he barricades himself inside and tries to stay ignorant. That is, until twelve-year-old Ruby Sterling shows up at his doorstep, all alone.

The two have little in common. Matthew is old, strange, grumbly, and concerned only with figuring out what happened to his wife, who went missing months earlier. Ruby is serious, curious, and worried about the fate of her father and whether the future even exists. Neither wants much to do with the other. Which is why, when Ruby hears a voice on the radio telling people to come to a place called the Horizon, she's determined to find it, even if Matthew isn't.

But outside, he's the least of her problems, and she's the least of his. To survive, they must count on the last thing either expected: each other.

And the Horizon? It could be anywhere.

Or nowhere at all.

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Lisa King is a writer, researcher, nap enthusiast, and cat lover who believes writing third-person bios should be prohibited (but alas, she’ll persist for the sake of professionalism). 

She grew up on a small-town farm in the company of her parents, two younger sisters, and an undetermined (though large) number of cats. For as long as she can remember, she’s always been inspired by words, and they’ve always been floating around in her head. At some point during her teenage years, she developed a pervasive case of WTF Should I Do With My Life? that took several years to reach remission. After enrolling at Western University in London, Ontario, she switched majors a comical number of times, thereby entertaining degrees in health sciences, philosophy, English, and beer pong (informally). 

Unsurprisingly, she’s not super great with decisions.

Lisa ultimately graduated with a B.A. in psychology followed by a M.Sc. in neuroscience, during which she researched how the brain processes and understands abstract words like process and understand. Her studies naturally led to an emerging career in research. In her spare time, she began writing fiction, and she’s been writing ever since.

Lisa is continually inspired by underdog characters, unlikely friendships, and creative ways to (fictionally) end humanity. When she’s not writing or researching Veteran mental health, you’ll find her in the company of her entourage: husband Dave, daughter Andi, and wonky-eyed cat Tina.  She enjoys California reds, board games, and drinking all the coffee. 



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