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B L U E   H A V E N



"A psychological thriller that's full of surprises and confronts the dangers of artificial happiness." 

- Kirkus Reviews (starred review) 

"As the action builds to a jaw-dropping reveal of the truth behind Blue Haven, King makes buy-in to her premise easy by dint of carefully thought-out characterizations and solid prose. This author’s creative imagination yields a story that’s both suspenseful and moving." 

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Blue Haven is an ambitious and painstakingly written psychological thought-adventure about the pursuit of pleasure and escape from pain." 

- Booklife Reviews 

"An outstanding sci-fi mystery that lovers of both genres won't be able to put down ... A masterful work I can't recommend highly enough."

- Readers' Favorite, Five Star Review

Welcome to Blue Haven, the world's most lucrative condo corporation - so exclusive that only five lucky residents live in this lush, tropical paradise, housed in a top-secret location. 

Among them is twenty-five-year-old Aloe Malone, an introvert and former waitress who traded bussing tables for lengthy sleep ins, ocean dips, Michelin-star restaurants, spectacular sunsets, and unlikely new friends - all thanks to a spurious lottery win. 

Life's good. Damn good. That is, until Aloe discovers a journal seemingly left by a past resident named Eloise whose entries are both sad and evoking. Aloe quickly suspects there's more to Blue Haven than meets the eye. Her suspicions are confirmed when visions arise, gruesome hallucinations she can't understand, followed by a strange yet familiar man lurking in places he shouldn't. Something's wrong. Maybe it's all in her head. Regardless, she vows to uncover the truth. 

Except someone wants to keep her quiet, and it's the last person she ever suspected. 


V A N I S H I N G   H O U R






Join a grumbly old man and a spirited young girl as they quest for a place called The Horizon during the end of days.  

"Vanishing Hour dances across genre, taking you from absolute darkness into hope and joy!"

- Faith Hunter, New York Times bestselling author. 

"I loved this poignant and engrossing novel, it made smile and it made me think."

Goodreads Reviewer

"You will finish it in record time - just can't wait to turn the page."

Amazon Reviewer 


Seventy-year-old Matthew Werner, who suffers from a debilitating case of Not Normal, doesn't know that nearly everyone on earth has died. He only knows that, out in the world, something terrible is happening – something he's not willing to discover. So he barricades himself inside and tries to stay ignorant. That is, until twelve-year-old Ruby Sterling shows up at his doorstep, all alone.


The two have little in common. Matthew is old, strange, grumbly, and concerned only with figuring out what happened to his wife, who went missing months earlier. Ruby is serious, curious, and worried about the fate of her father and whether the future even exists. Neither wants much to do with the other. Which is why, when Ruby hears a voice on the radio telling people to come to a place called the Horizon, she's determined to find it, even if Matthew isn't.


But outside, he's the least of her problems, and she's the least of his. To survive, they must count on the last thing either expected: each other.


And the Horizon? It could be anywhere.


Or nowhere at all.

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